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SJT Photo Challenge 2016

At the Wake of Au Kim Cheong
FAPA 2016 > Gallery
Kah-Wai Lin PSA Talk >Gallery
Kedah Photo Quest 16
Flotilla 2016 extend to 30 Nov
Joint Outing - PSP,FIP,PSPSJ
Opera Face Makeup Winners
Cheah Kongsi Joint Outing
View From My Heart Contest
Star Sanctuary SP Photo Award
Foto Imej Perak visits PSP
PSP attends PSM 60th Anniv
OWHC AP Photo Contest 2016
Martial Arts Photo Event
Phattulong Thailand
Macro Talk - Andy Lim
Penangites Photo Contest
Senyum Photo Contest
Jom Klik Klik Taiping P Contest
OBS Photo Contest 2015
CNY 2016
KSD Countdown 2016
Macro Diffuser Workshop
Photo Salon Achiever 2015
PSP & Xpression Macro
Thaipusam Showcase
Macro "Kaki"
Outing to Kuala Sepetang
Outing to Penang Hill
Armenian Str Got Talent
Visit to Pg Global Tourism Bd
Sg Batu Outing#2, 15
PSP attends FIP Dinner
PSP Visits NS Photo Salon
Sg Batu Outing 15
Lampu Pertandingan 15
Langkawi PhotoQuest 15
Dinner with SPP
Journey 22 Photo Exh 2015
Oath Taking Dinner 2015
Kwong Yit Poh 105 Celebration
MBPP Flotilla Photo Contest 15
Miri Visits PSP
PSP visits Song Jin Tek
View Amended Ammendment
Dragon Boat Race 2015
Thaipusam Contest'15 Gallery
MBPP Photo Contest 2015
New Year Countdown 2014
18 East of Andaman 2015
My World Heritage_ Congrats!
Cultural Dancers Outing Feb15
Vietnam Photo Trip Apr"15

PSP Award-Congrats to
Goh Seong Por, APSP
Ong Pang Wei, APSP, AEPSP
Terry Tan, APSP
Kim Chong Keat, APSP
Chin Poh Check, APSP
Francis Ong, APSP
Peter Ho, APSP
Vincent LIew, MEPSP

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Activity Chairman : activity@psp-penang.com.my

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The 24th FAPA Congress January 2014 was in George Town, Penang, Malaysia. PSP extends our sincere thanks to all participants, Sponsors & helpers who made it a success...Thank You _ View our Photo Gallery>>


  11th Committee Meeting
  07 November 2016>

Oath Taking Ceremony
Dinner 2015 October 2nd,
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