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43rd Committee
41st Committee


The History

The society was founded in 1967 at the Georgetown Secondary School .At that time there were many foreign members especially from Britain, United States & Australia.

Founder Members:-

President :

Mr. Lim Boon Hock (Headmaster of Georgetown Secondary School)

Secretary ::

Mr. Lo Joening HonFFSP, HonFBSC


Mr. Ooi Kok Swee

Committee Members::

Dr. Donald Chuah


Brother Charles (Director of St. Xavier)


Mr. Collin James Andrews


Mr. Yong Kok Foo


Mr. Yeoh Khang Seong 


Mr. Chan Kin Souk 


Mr. Ooi Kang Yew


Mr. Teoh Hoe Peng


1967 :

Mr Lim Boon Hock

1972 :

Mr Yong Kok Foo

1976 :

Mr Yeoh Eng Jin

1984 :

Mr Lim Gin Chooi

1986 :

Mr Song Jin Tek

1997 :

Mr Looi Toong Hong

2000 :

Mr Ong Hooi Giin

2001 :

Mr Looi Toong Hong

2015 :

Mr Ooi Kok Chuan 

2017 :

Mr Chuang Kwong Sheuan

Each year PSP will conduct an inhouse competition for its members coupled with monthly organized photo outings. At the same time the society also co-organizes with the government and photography dealers to promote photography in the state. Such organized activities include photo competitions, photo seminars, slide shows and photography outings.

In 1973 PSP started the first photo salon in Malaysia -1st PENANG PHOTO SALON. The last of this series of salon was the 7th PENANG PHOTO SALON.

In 1980 Mr. Song Jin Tek was appointed the Salon Chairman by PSA.  He then organized the 1st PENANG INTERNATIONAL PHOTO SALON in 1982 which was recognized by the PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA  (PSA) & FEDERATION DE LˇĺART PHOTOGRAPHIQUE (FIAP). 42 countries participated in this salon with about 3000 over entries. Since then PSP has been organizing  this PENANG INTERNATIONAL PHOTO SALON once every 2 years. The last salon was the 10th Penang International Photo Salon in 2001. However after a lapse of 16 years, the 11th Penang International Salon 2017 was hosted again under the Chairmanship of Jeff Khor Sek Min incollaboration with the society's 50th Anniversary Celebration.

In the year 1984, Mr. Song Jin Tek was the first photographer in Malaysia to become the world best top ten photographer and became a 5 Star Photo Exhibitor of the PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA.

In 1983, Mr. Song Jin Tek ( Honour Award Chairman )  was responsible in planning for the guide lines for the PSP Honour Awards. With this PSP became the first society in Malaysia with an Award system based on the evaluation of submitted works of photographers.

In the year 1997, Mr. Looi Toong Hong (president) organized the 16th CONGRESS OF THE FEDERATION OF ASIAN PHOTOGRAPHIC ART (FAPA 1998). More than 400 participants from 17 countries took part in this congress which was held in Penang.

In 2002 Mr Looi organized the "The Beautiful Penang ˇą FROM THE WORLD CHINESE PHOTOGRAPHERSˇĺ PRESPECTIVE" which was jointly organized by The Society of Worldwide Ethnic Chinese Photographers and The Photographic Society Of Penang, and sponsored by the Penang State Government, it was held in Penang from 20th - 25th September 2002 (Five days). This event consists of a photography exhibition; a seminar, outdoors photography sessions, dinners, cultural performances and many other exciting activities were aimed to provide more interesting images of Penang. The selected images were published in a book  entitled ˇćOoh! Penangˇç, which was also a photographic competition organized by PSP  in conjunction with its 35th anniversary.

Then in 2014, the 24th Congress of FAPA was again hosted in Penang by PSP under the Chairmanship of Looi Toong Hong. This attracted around 400 participants with a large number from China treating them to our multi cultural festivals, a feast for the eyes as well as to their palates with our Penang food.

Time flies and before we know, we touched 50. The 50th Anniversary Dinner 2017 was celebrated with a big gathering at Lot 33 Prangin Mall, Komtar with past and present members and a strong support from other local member societies. Awards from HonFPSP, MEPSP, the long awaited HonEFAPA and certificates of Appreciations were handed out to our backroom boys who had played a great part in bringing out society to what it is today. Terry Tan Tong Toon, the appointed Chairman did a great job.
Few years ago, Penang Photographic Society of Penang had a dream. We inspire to organize a conference for all photographic artists in Asia.

Then, we had another dream. In commemoration with the 35th Anniversary, we were inspired in publishing a photographic book which is truly the brain-child and efforts of Penangites, which we can proudly call ˇćOoh! Penangˇç.

We are zealous to make the Pearl Of the Orient known to the whole world and let the pearl shine again. This is our pledge to our motherland-Penang.

We were born and rooted in Penang. We can see marks and legally of till and toil of our ancestors. Everyone of us in our childhood were amazed by the beauty of the hills and the shores of Penang that those who have left the island to stay elsewhere will suffer some degree of homesickness with a strong desire to come back to Penang again, our motherland.

It is the inspiration of all Penangites to keep our edge and to nurture our rich cultures and heritage. Which this inspiration and admiration, we photographic artists pledge to snap and capture every aspect of the life and the emblems of Penang and put all our effort in a photography book which depicts the eternal beauty of the Pearl of the Orient.