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High Achiever of 2016

Ngu Dik Sen
aka Hunter Ngu


7x Gold
3x Silver
5x Bronze
5x Best Award
1x Unusual Award
1x Blue Badge

F2 Circuit PSA2016-156 (Argentina) - Bronze in ND - Assassin Strike ND22075
Grace Salon PSA2016-253 (Hong Kong) - RPS Bronze in ND - Assassin Strike ND22141
National Insect PSA2016-203 (USA) - Most Unusual Award - Assassin Strike ND22156
North Central Insect Salon PSA2016-126 (USA) - Best Wildlife - Assassin Strike ND22113
Southampton Camera Club PSA2016-020 (UK) - Chairman Choice - Assassin Strike 2167
Zeta Circuit PSA2016-140 (Montenegro) - FIAP Blue Badge
Photographic Society of America Color Div 2016 (USA) Award of Merit - PSA 5*
Proficiency Photographic Society of America (PPSA) 
Associate Photographic Society of Malacca (APSMa)
Associateship Society of Photographers Malaysia (ASPM)
Photographic Society of America Nature Div 2016 (USA) Award of Merit - PSA 5*
United States Photographic Alliance 2016 (USA) Licentiateship USPA - LUSPA
Federation Multicultural Photographic Art 2016 (USA) Excellence FMPA - EFMPA
The Photographic Society of Singapore 2016 (Singapore) Bronze Exhibitor - BEPSS
Swan P)hoto Club Internanational 2016 (USA) Associate Swan - ASWAN
Pena Fotografica Rosarina PSA 2015-158 (Argentina) PFR Bronze in Monochrome
Bundoran PSA2015-189 (Ireland) PSA-Silver in Color
3CMOS PSA2015-162 (India) - CMOS Bronze in Nature.
Swansea PSA2015-230 (UK) - Best Insect in Nature.
SAM Circuit PSA2015-159 (India) - Best Insect in Nature.
AM Circuit PSA2015-159 (Indai) - SAM Bronze in Wildlife.
SAM Circuit PSA2015-159 (India) - Best Insect x 3 - in Nature.
Finland Circuit PSA2015-224 (Finland) - FIAP Bronze in Color.
ISO 2015 PSA2015-279 (Belgium) - FBP Silver in Color
Toronto PSA2015-306 (Canada) - TCC Gold in Nature
& National Insect PSA2015-238 (USA) The Unusual Award
Foto Club Del Plata PSA2015-181 (Argentina) - Medalla de Bronze in Color
Three Country Grand Circuit PSA2015-291 (Ireland) - Salon Gold in Color
& BAWS PSA2015-293 (India) Best insect
Yorkshire PSA2015-286 (England) - PSA Gold in Nature
& Exposure PSA2015-304 (India) ICS Gold in Nature
CORK PSA2015-307 (Ireland) - PSA Silver in Nature
WPAI PSA2015-260 (Indai) - Best Insect
Three Country Grand Circuit PSA2015-291 (Ireland) - Salon Gold in Wildlife
& Toronto PSA2015-306 (Canada) - FIAP Gold in Nature
& Singapore Photo Art PSA2015-255 (Singapore) Salon Gold in Nature
Finland Circuit PSA2015-224 (Finland) - Best Macro Photo.
Swansea Salon PSA 2015-230 (UK) -FIAP Blue Badge 
Balkan Circuit PSA 2015-245 (Serbia).
- FIAP Blue Badge

Everest PSA2016-012 (Indai) - Best Insect in ND - Predator in Action ND2160