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PSP 6th Meeting of 41st Committee - December 2015

Photo : Peter Ho, Terry Tan & Francis Ong

1. Macro Photography Talk by Andy re scheduled to after Chinese New Year due to inavailability of venue.
2. Award new format will only be enforced next year. Hence applicants still paying old rate.
3. PSP pays courtesy call to Penang Global Tourism Board office will bring about a bonus to our members with the offer to
purchase photographs from members.
4. The Photographer of theYear has yet to take off due to no follow up.
5. PSP welcomes new Life Members: Haw Chuan Choon, Yasathye Muniandy & Lam Boey Yee (Wife of VP Francis Ong)
6. Club Outings:
i. Kuala Sepetang & Charcoal factory with lunch, dinner & transport on 17 Jan 2016 will be on as scheduled.
ii. To Pattalong, South Thailand in March if there are enough members supporting.
Interested members are to contact Ivan Ang : or at the PSP Whats App forum.
7. Hon Treasurer presented his monthly statement of accounts.
8. House Chairman Lim Su Peng has resigned from the post. Upon receipt of his official letter, the post will be filled by
Ho Cheng Woh, Peter who is also the appointed Web Master. This appointment is because most of his work as web master and appointed as well too to record the minutes of the meeting are all inter- related.
9. Hon Secretary unboxed the club's Point Digital Display which had been in cold storage for a few years.