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PSP 4th Meeting of 41st Committee - November 2015

Photo : Peter Ho  

    1.  Flotilia Prize Presentation Ceremony fixed on Sunday 29 Nov 2015, 6 pm at Udini Square.
    2.  Macro Photography Talk by Andy Lim to be fixed on January 2016
    3.  MOU proposal between PSP and FIP, (Society of Foto Imej Perak)
    4   Photographer of the Year Award - still on the drawing board without a decision.
    5.  Proposal of Photo Contest by St Nicholas Homes with the help of PSP
    6.  Salon Report by the President after a study trip to the salon judging by PSNS in Seremban.
    7.  The proposed salon for 2016 by PSP will be put on hold
    8.  Family of Song Jin Tek donates RM2.000 to PSP. Proposal to use it in Photographer of Year Challenge Trophy
    9.  FIP Dinner was attended by 7 members from PSP
    10.  FAPA has awarded 8 Hon FFapa to PSP for undertaking the convention in 2014
    11. The Committee has approved 1 new Life Membership and welcomes Wee Yun Feng to PSP