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9th Meeting 2016 - August 05

1. The workshop talk on Macro Photography by Andy Lim which finally materialised and saw an attendance of 40 photographers in the workshop and 70 over photographers in the evening talk.  PSP would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to Andy Lim, Kwong Wah Yit Poh, Guang Ming Daily and Chung Ling (Private) High School.

2. FIP would be paying us a visit on 27 August 2016 to discuss the MOU.

3.The Song Jin Tek Photography Challenge of the year Award 2016 -
The Hon Secretary has received entries for the 1st leg of the photo challenge but have not been judged yet.

4. Outing to Phattalong, South Thailand on 5-7 May by a few committe members seemed satisfactory and a similar outing will be extended to our members on March next year. So set aside the date for this.

5. FAPA 27 Oct to 1st November 2016. The final number count has dropped to 5 participants.

6. The Award Chairman has been advised by the committee to look into a little revision on the rules & regulation - to shorten the period of application and to raise the fees to current rates. Note: Intending applicants may be able to beat this by submitting your applications before the enforcement of this. So send in your application asap. check the web link >>

7. Good news to salon photographers as PSP will be organising the Penang International Photo Salon 2017 next year.

8. The proposal on special membership rates to students did not seem to be viable, however the society would extend special invitations to selected schools who show interests in events which we organise to promote an interest in photography to them.

9. We will be organising the 50th Anniversary Do to celebrate this event next year. The Lunch or Dinner will be a highly subsided one to all Life Members. Stay tuned on this.

6. PSP welcomes new Life Members:
Life Member: Ng Lai Choon, Sherwynd Rylan Kessler, Khaw Eng Jin, Chan Jian Guan, Lai Hon Foo,
and the following subjected to payment received: Bertrand Linet, Lim Hooi Han, Lee Kah Tong.