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2nd Meeting 2017 - March 21

1. 50th PSP Anniversary Celebration & Dinner: Terry Tan the Dinner Chairman has suggested the following -
    a. Dinner date will coincide with the 11th Penang International Photo Salon 2017 Exhibition
    b. It will be a sit down dinner.
    c. Highlight will be Presentation of awards, E Photo Book Presentation and Photo Salon slide show.
    d. Publication of an E Photo Book (Members will have to contribute with 4 of your best shots)

2. 11th Penang International Photo Salon 2017
    Jeff Khor Sek Min, the salon chairman reports -
    a. Application for Patronage has been approved by FIAP, GPU, IUP with PSA pending.
    b. Other medals are from AIP, PSM, PSP & SJT
    C. A separate salon website has been set up for online entries -

3.The Song Jin Tek Photography Challenge of the year Award 2016 -
Peter Ho, the organising Chairman of the SJT photo challenge announced that the inevitable has happened.The judging resulted with 3 winners ending in a tie after several rounds. The 3 winners for the Challenge Award are: Lim Lean Eng Allen, Kim Chong Keat and Khor Sek Min Jeff all sharing the overall prize with a little top up. Each will receive RM400 and a trophy on the 50th PSP Anniversary Celebration Dinner. Congratulations to the winners.

4. Awards Distinction: Khor Sek Min Jeff, the Awards Chairman announced that there were 2 APSP applicaitons and 1 FPSP application. However their applications for the awards distinctions were not successful

5. Clubhouse: The President has proposed to rent a section of Sun Yat Sen Memorial Centre at Macalister Road as a venue for our activities and meetings. Talks are still on the drawing board.

6. Use of Whats App: The use of Whats App will be closely monitored and the Hon Secretary has seeked the support of the Committee to back him up when action is taken on abuse by members on this social platform especially when a member has to be blocked and expelled for being abusive or with perpetual postings of irrelevant materials even after warning has been issued.

7. Approval for New Memberships:  Life Membership

    01023 LEE CHEE YAN                 01024 NIGEL LEE TIING NAN             01025 CHEW ZHI KAI
    01026 BEE HONG PING              01027 LIM LEOK TONG                      01028 SOO HOO JIA KAI
    01029 CHANG YONG SHENG     01030 LIM CHIEW HONG                    01031 KENNY EATON
    01032 LIM WEI LIANG                 01033 KAM ZI XIAN                             01034 OOI JIA JIE
    01035 MOK KAH MING                01036 YEOH HAN LIN                         01037 LIEW KEAN WAEI