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1st Meeting 2017 - January 11

1. Terry Tan Tong Toon now has replace Chuang Kwong Sheaun as the new 50th Anniversary Celebration & Dinner Chairman.
2. The 11th Penang International Photo Salon 2017 reported they had a meeting with the core group to do the ground work. The committee has approved an advance fund to the salon to purchase software & hardware which is neccessary to run the judging.
3. The Hon Secretary reported that the 43rd AGM 2017 has been carried out and the following has been elected to form the 2017 & 2018 Committee
    President                     : Chuang Kwong Sheuan
    Vice President             : Ooi Kok Chuan
                                        : Ong Tat Seng
    Hon Secretary             : Yeap Khee Yong
    Hon Treasurer             : Goh Seong Por
    Hse/Comp Chairman    : Ho Cheng Woh
    Activity Chairman         : Tan Tong Toon
    Committee Members    : Chee Wah Kuam
                                        : Chua Boon Keat
                                        : Eskay Yuan Siew Kong
                                        : Han Luan Siew
                                        : Khor Sek Min
                                        : Leong Ho Jin
                                        : Lim Boon Seang
                                        : Ong Pang Wei
                                        : Wee Yun Feng
    Hon Auditor (appt)       : Lee Lat Heng

4. Club Rules & Regulations will be revamped as required by the current regulations stipulated by ROS.
5. PSP will be organising the talk by the Legendary Chinese Liao Xiaoxi on the 8 February at the Equator College.
6. The President has created a new organisation chart to encompass a role to be played by all committee members:
    Advisor: Looi Tong Hong
    Hon Secretary : Yeap Khee Yong
    Assistant Hon Sec : Ho Cheng Woh (appointed)
    Activity Chairman : Tan Tong Toon assisted by Lim Boon Seang & Wee Yun Feng
Duties: to create and organize photography outings.
    House & Competition Chairman: Ho Cheng Woh assisted by Chua Boon Keat
Duties: Clubhouse maintenance, Assets Monitoring, Organise photo competitions
    Award Chairman : Khor Sek Min (appointed) assisted by Han Luan Siew
Duties: Set up a Distinction Judging Committee, To process all the applications, To represent the club for any external Judging.
    Education & Learning Chairman: Leong Ho Jin (appointed) assisted by Eskay Yuan Siew Kuang
Duties: to organise internal & external seminar and workshop for post processing technique, To promote any new photography techniques.
    Publicity Chairman: Ong Pang Wei (appointed) assisted by Chee Wah Kuam.
Duties: Maintain all social publicity in Whats App & Facebook, Create public awareness of the club
7. The Official Installation Ceremony of the new committee has been fixed on the 15 February 2017
8. Activities Calendar: The activities for the year charged by Terry Tan will be of gathering concept. Members will be informed of coming events through the social media except for major organised event run by the club.
9. The SJT photo challenge has closed for 2016 and the open judging will be held soon.
10.PSP welcome the following Life Members:
    Neoh Soon Hueng,1021
    Wooi Choo Boon , 1022