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8th Meeting 2018 - July

1. PSP Constitution: The amended and update constitution will be submitted to ROS by end of July 2018.

2. 2018 Classical Penang - The Straits Settlements Photo Contest with PSP as the co organiser was a great success with over 400 entries and prizes have been handed out.

3. The Photo Shoot after the AGM was also well hosted.

4. PSP Members' Profile: All committee members are requested to update their photo profile on the website.

5. Looi Toong Hong, PSP Advisor will represent PSP at FAPA this year.

6. PSP has been nominated as the co-organiser for The Centennial Charm - Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce Building Photo Contest 2018.

7. DSLR Magazine looking for a joint organiser for a 2 days 1 night event in Penang, this October and we will be meeting them for further talks.

8. Lot 33 hopes to hold a PSP close photo competition for our members this September 2018.

9. The Taiping Outing will be divided into 2 trips to cater for the overflowing response, one on 19 August and the other on 2nd September.

10. Habitat Penang Hill seeking our help to organise photo competition for them. Talks are still on the table.

11. PSP will jointly organise the Photo Salon Circuit with 5 other Clubs next year.

12. PSP Annual Dinner - Proposed date 22 or 23 September.